David Rejchrt

GIS Engineer & Surveyor

my name is David Rejchrt and I'm from the Czech Republic. Although my nationality is czech, my life has already taken me to Austria for eight years and most recently to a wonderful island of Sint Maarten in Dutch Caribbean where I'm currently based.

I studied Geodesy and Geoinformation on Technical University of Vienna and already throughout the first semesters I've taken up jobs in the field in order to get personally acquainted with the geodata about which I've heard so much in the university courses.

In the course of my studies I've discovered the importance of coding and luckily enough coding has become my new passion. The ability to code has been a great advantage not only for my university course but also (and most importantly) for my job. Through my job I've also gained substantial knowledge in area of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) which has also became one of my hobbies.















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Social Competences

March 2023 - Now



I was presented with opportunity to turn one of my passions into my job. I started my own restaurant at the prestigious Sint Rose Arcade on Front Street in Philipsburg.

November 2021

Relocation to Sint Maarten

September 2020 - October 2021

Project Manager for Photogrammetry and Geoinformation


In this innovative company my primary responsibilities were:

  • Plan UAV Campaigns
  • Manage and evaluate all collected data
  • Derive final products for customers:
    • 3D Pointclouds and Models
    • Orthoimagery
    • GIS
  • Lead a data analysis team
March 2020 - Novemeber 2022

Master programme Geodesy and Geoinformation

TU Vienna

Focus on:

  • Geoinformation
  • Engineering Geodesy
  • Photogrammetry
  • Cadaster
January 2020

Awarded Bachelor's degree

TU Vienna

Bachelor thesis topic: A Web-based Framework for Sensor Networks – Case Studyof a Temperature Network for Precise Metrology

2019 - 2020


TU Vienna - Research group Engineering Geodesy

Assisting students at practical exercises as well as evaluating their performance within the scope of the courses Geodesy for Civil Engineering and Applied Geodesy I and II

Summer 2019

Internship - Python Developer

TU Vienna - Research group Microwave Remote Sensing

Development of python package pyraster for efficient handling of georeferenced multi-band raster images

February 2019

Speaker at the International Surveyors Week in Obergurgl, Austria

University of Innsbruck

Presentation of a scientific paper of which I am the main author. The publication is listed here

February 2018 - March 2019

Survey Assistant

Terragon Vermessung ZT-GmbH

Deployed both in the field as well as in the office. In the field I worked both as a rodman and iman in the office I drew plans from acquired data.

July-2017 - June 2019

Elected Student's unions representative

Student's union Geodesy & Geoinformation

The student's union is a body that facilitate a dialogue between students and university staff. It also runs a student’s club. Student’s club is a place where students can meet one another as well as learn or get hold of recommended literature for the lectures. Student’s club also organizes several large scale student events. As a student’s representative, my responsibilities were IT Infrastructure of the student’s club as well as the Homepage and Social Media Accounts

Winter 2017

Internship - Data Inspector

TU Vienna - Research group Photogrammetry

Inspection of an output of a newly developed algorithm for extraction of terrain edges from ALS point clouds.

Winter 2016 - Summer 2018


TU Vienna - Research group Photogrammetry

Assisting students in courses Introduction to programming for Geodesy and Geoinformation I and II. Step-by-step programming of relevant programming examples in JAVA.

October 2015 - January-2020

Bachelor's programme Geodesy and Geoinformation

TU Vienna

Moving to Vienna to study at TU Vienna

July 2013

Relocation to Fieberbrunn, Austria

First time on my own. Experiencing a beautiful town of Fieberbrunn in Tyrolean Alps. As I was already admitted to Czech University of Technology I planned to stay only for summer and return in fall to start my university education. I enjoyed my time in Austria so much, that I decided to stay longer in order to learn german properly and try studying in Vienna instead. This was one of the best decisions of my life!

May 2013

Graduating High School

První České Gymnázium v Karlových Varech

Graduating from First czech grammar school in Karlsbad with following subjects:

  • Czech
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • German
2012 - 2015

Various jobs

Different jobs in the area of gastronomy. Summer jobs starting as a dish washer later also as waiter and receptionist.

January 2010

Relocation to Joachimsthal, Czech Republic

Moving with my parents to a city of Joachimsthal (czech: Jáchymov) in western Bohemia. This unique city with troubled but magnificent history has given world two things: dollars and radioactivity. In 16th century, count Schlick minted coins called Joachimsthaler, short Thaler which gave the name to dollars. At the end of 19th century, Marie Curie-Skłodowska discovered radioactivity in Joachimsthal from uraninite spoil dumps samples.

April 17, 1993


Born in Kittsee, Austria, I was moved to Prague, Czech Republic when I was 4 days old, where I spent my childhood.




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David Rejchrt BSc

GIS Engineer & Surveyor

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